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Journey into Nyx Preorder Boxes
The final set in the Theros block!
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Latest News
Theros Singles Preorders Now Up
by Lotus Vault Staff 9/20/2013 #Updates
Theros Singles
Preorders are ready for purchase!
Any orders with Theros singles ship September 27th.
Infinity Bootleg & X-Wing Miniatures!
by Lotus Vault Staff 9/11/2013 #Updates
New to Lotus Vault this month - Infinity Bootleg Miniatures - sculpts made by the artists purely for their looks! These are limited items, so get yours now!

Also, 4 new X-Wing Miniatures for one of the hottest games of 2013! Why are you still reading this?! Go! Look now!
'A Clash of Arms' Repacks
by Lotus Vault Staff 6/5/2013 #Updates
The long awaited 60 card repacks for the Game of Thrones LCG have arrived. 'A Clash of Arms' lets players recreate the War of Five Kings, the battle of The Song of Ice and Fire.
New from Privateer Press
by Lotus Vault Staff 5/8/2013 #Updates
Just in - Exemplar Bastion Seneschal, a solo capable of turning your Exemplars into defensive beasts and the Tactical Arcanist Corps, a dwarven flamethrower unit!

Also, lots of plastic resulpts and reboxes!
Troll Bouncer
Press Gangers
Micro Art Studio - Now in Stock!
by Lotus Vault Staff 3/11/2013 #Updates
Due to popular demand, Lotus Vault is now carrying an extensive line of bases, terrain, scenics, and tokens produced by Micro Art Studio. These beautifully sculpted bases can be used for any 28-30mm scale miniature with some bases designed specifically for Infinity. Go look now and keep coming back for more inventory every week!
Infinity - June Releases!
by Lotus Vault Staff 6/18/2013 #Updates
New releases for the month of June are available! Diomedes, Ekdromoi Officer
Corregidor Jurisdictional Command
Shasvastii Haiduks
Sakiel Regiment
Santiago Knights
New LCG Packs & Game of Thrones: HBO Edition!
by Lotus Vault Staff 11/13/2012 #Updates
The new Warhammer Invasion cycle, Eternal War, begins with Days of Blood! Limited print Lord of the Rings - The Battle of Lake Town, a GenCon 2012 exclusive! Game of Thrones: HBO Edition LCG - a new stand alone LCG for fans of the cable series with images from the show!
Infinity: Campaign Paradiso!
by Lotus Vault Staff 11/6/2012 #Updates
The long awaited Campaign Paradiso sourcebook for Infinity has arrived. This beautiful 220 page full color book comes with new scenarios and The Tohaa! Order early and receive a limited edition Gogo Marlene exclusive figure, the hottest journalist in the Human Sphere! While supplies last!
Infinity - The Tohaa
by Lotus Vault Staff 10/24/2012 #Updates
The Tohaa are an advanced alien civilization currently waging an open war against the EI and its Combined Army. The Tohaa are masters of biotechnology, which enables them to build terrible viral weapons and impervious symbiont armors, but also to alter other species, granting them more intelligence so they can fight by their side. Now the Tohaa need allies and humanity seems to be an ideal candidate to act as a buffer in front of the might of the Combined Army. The first two releases for The Tohaa have arrived with the Tohaa Starter Pack and the Tohaa Diplomatic Delegates.
New from Privateer Press!
by Lotus Vault Staff 10/24/2012 #Updates
Woldwrath, Circle Orboros gargantuan, Assault Kommandos, Khador 10 model rebox, & Warpborn Skinwalkers, Circle Orboros 5 model rebox!
For the Motherland! - Khador Warjack Kit
by Lotus Vault Staff 10/9/2012 #Updates
The big bulk has arrived - in resin! The Demolisher/Devastator/Spriggan warjack kit is out, making those shielded powerhouses a lot lighter and with new sculpts!
Warhammer LCG - Shield of the Gods!
by Lotus Vault Staff 10/5/2012 #Updates
The final battle pack of the Bloodquest Cycle, Shield of the Gods, has arrived! Get yours now!
Introducing the Draft Vault
by Andrew Warnes 4/25/2012 #Articles
Click here to learn more about Lotus Vault's bulk boxes.
USPS Shipping Rates Update
by Lotus Vault Staff 2/22/2012 #Updates
Learn more about the USPS shipping cost changes here.
Try This at Home
by Aaron Most 12/9/2011 #Articles
Explore the combination of Black and White at Friday Night Magic (FNM).  Click here to read the article.
New Phyrexia Redesigns Commander (EDH) Format
by Sean Olene 5/5/2011 #Articles
The Archivist explores the impact New Phyrexia has on Commander (EDH).  Click here to read the article.
We've updated our homepage
by Lotus Vault Staff 3/20/2011 #Updates
As you can see, we've updated the layout and content of our homepage to provide you with a clearer picture of what's going on here. The rotator is for stuff you can't miss, the featured products and top sellers are updated daily with the hottest deals and trends, and this section quite possibly may be updated more frequently with articles and news relating to the hobby and gaming community! Send us your comments or suggestions to let us know what you think!
Decklist Search now available!
by Lotus Vault Staff 3/12/2011 #Updates
We've added the ability to search by decklist here. Just put in one of the hottest decklists and search for all the cards with one click! Great for EDH!
Mirrodin Besieged singles are in-stock and shipping now!
by Lotus Vault Staff 2/4/2011 #Updates
Get the hottest new Mirrodin Besieged singles and foils now!
The Effect of Infect in EDH
by Sean Olene 11/4/2010 #Articles
Scars of Mirrodin brings us Infect and The Archivist looks into what it means for constructed play. Click here to read the article.
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