Shadows over Innistrad Oath of the Gatewatch Battle for Zendikar

Sell your cards for cash or store credit! Below you will find a list of cards we are currently in need of. Our buy list will change on a regular basis, typically weekly, as we add more cards and keep our buy prices competitive! If you don't see something on our list, it doesn't mean we aren't buying it. Feel free to send us an email to with questions or for a quote on desirable foil rares and our bulk rare prices. For information on selling your collection, check out the FAQ.

What we buy
We usually only buy cards in Near Mint to Mint condition. These are cards with little or no play wear, absolutely no whitening on the edge of the card and no noticeable nicks or scratches. We will reduce the amount paid for any cards sent that are not in Near Mint to Mint condition. We reserve the right to refuse any buy order for any reason.

Putting together a Sell List
From our buy list below, write up a list of cards you will be selling us. We will accept up to 12 copies of each card. Make sure you include the card name, the number of copies you are selling and the buy price, and the desired payment method. Send this list to us at with the subject as Buy List. You will be notified by email that your order has been received, approved and that you should send us the cards. Do not send in any cards until instructed to do so.

Sending in your cards
Once we have received your order and replied back to you, you are free to send in your cards. Your cards must be sent out to us within seven days of receiving email confirmation of your order. Please package your cards securely. Make sure there is no way possible for the cards to become loose in the envelope. Cards damaged in transit will be returned to you. We highly recommend all orders be sent with Delivery Confirmation. It costs only $0.75 and will provide you with a confirmation number and proof that your cards were delivered. Be sure to include a list of what you are selling, your name, email address and method you wish to be paid in.

Selling your cards locally
Dreamers Vault Games in Saint Louis Park and Minneapolis, and Legion Games in Burnsville, handle all local singles buying for the online store. Please bring any cards you wish to sell to any of the three locations. No appointment is necessary. Payment can be in the form of cash, store credit or online store credit – online credit will be made available the next business day. If any of the cards you're selling appear on this list, you must mention the Hot List price in order to receive it.

We will pay you by Paypal, check, or store credit. Choose to receive store credit and get a 15% bonus on the cash price as illustrated in the Store Credit column below! If you have any questions, contact us at

ExpansionNameQtyCash (NM)Store Credit

Aether Revolt Ajani Valiant Protector4$3.15$3.65
Aether Revolt Metallic Mimic8$1.60$1.80
Aether Revolt Paradox Engine4$4.75$5.50
Aether Revolt Spire of Industry4$2.25$2.60
Aether Revolt Tezzeret Master of Metal8$3.15$3.65
Aether Revolt Walking Ballista8$5.80$6.70
Alara Reborn Dauntless Escort8$1.20$1.35
Alara Reborn Defiler of Souls8$1.30$1.50
Alara Reborn Jenara Asura of War8$2.50$2.90
Alara Reborn Lord of Extinction8$8.45$9.75
Alara Reborn Maelstrom Pulse8$10.60$12.20
Alara Reborn Meddling Mage4$3.15$3.65
Alara Reborn Sen Triplets4$10.60$12.20
Alara Reborn Sovereigns of Lost Alara8$1.60$1.80
Alara Reborn Time Sieve4$6.35$7.30
Alara Reborn Uril the Miststalker4$2.65$3.05
Alara Reborn Wargate8$2.00$2.30
Avacyn Restored Bonfire of the Damned8$2.65$3.05
Avacyn Restored Cavern of Souls4$22.25$25.60
Avacyn Restored Gisela Blade of Goldnight4$2.65$3.05
Avacyn Restored Malignus8$1.20$1.35
Avacyn Restored Reforge the Soul4$1.30$1.50
Avacyn Restored Sigarda Host of Herons8$5.55$6.40
Avacyn Restored Tamiyo the Moon Sage8$10.60$12.20
Avacyn Restored Temporal Mastery4$3.70$4.25
Avacyn Restored Tibalt the Fiend-Blooded4$1.60$1.80
Battle for Zendikar Cinder Glade4$1.70$2.00
Battle for Zendikar Drana Liberator of Malakir8$2.65$3.05
Battle for Zendikar Ob Nixilis Reignited4$1.85$2.15
Battle for Zendikar Shambling Vent8$1.60$1.80
Battle for Zendikar Smoldering Marsh8$1.60$1.80
Battle for Zendikar Sunken Hollow4$1.70$2.00
Betrayers of Kamigawa Disrupting Shoal4$5.05$5.80
Betrayers of Kamigawa Final Judgment8$2.10$2.45
Betrayers of Kamigawa Genju of the Realm8$1.30$1.50
Betrayers of Kamigawa Hokori Dust Drinker8$3.70$4.25
Betrayers of Kamigawa Ink-Eyes Servant of Oni8$2.40$2.75
Betrayers of Kamigawa Kira Great Glass-Spinner8$8.45$9.75
Betrayers of Kamigawa Mirror Gallery8$3.15$3.65
Betrayers of Kamigawa Nourishing Shoal4$3.70$4.25
Betrayers of Kamigawa Patron of the Orochi8$2.25$2.60
Betrayers of Kamigawa Sakiko Mother of Summer8$1.60$1.80
Betrayers of Kamigawa Shirei Shizo's Caretaker8$1.30$1.50
Betrayers of Kamigawa Tendo Ice Bridge4$2.90$3.35
Betrayers of Kamigawa That Which Was Taken4$1.85$2.15
Betrayers of Kamigawa Threads of Disloyalty8$3.15$3.65
Betrayers of Kamigawa Toshiro Umezawa8$1.20$1.35
Betrayers of Kamigawa Umezawa's Jitte8$14.85$17.05
Born of the Gods Brimaz King of Oreskos8$3.70$4.25
Born of the Gods Courser of Kruphix8$1.70$2.00
Born of the Gods Kiora the Crashing Wave4$1.30$1.50
Born of the Gods Phenax God of Deception8$2.65$3.05
Born of the Gods Temple of Enlightenment8$1.20$1.35
Born of the Gods Xenagos God of Revels4$3.70$4.25
Champions of Kamigawa Azusa Lost but Seeking8$13.75$15.85
Champions of Kamigawa Boseiju Who Shelters All8$9.00$10.35
Champions of Kamigawa Budoka Gardener8$1.85$2.15
Champions of Kamigawa Dosan the Falling Leaf8$1.60$1.80
Champions of Kamigawa Eiganjo Castle8$4.50$5.15
Champions of Kamigawa Forbidden Orchard4$3.15$3.65
Champions of Kamigawa General's Kabuto8$1.30$1.50
Champions of Kamigawa Gifts Ungiven8$5.30$6.10
Champions of Kamigawa Godo Bandit Warlord8$2.40$2.75
Champions of Kamigawa Keiga the Tide Star4$2.25$2.60
Champions of Kamigawa Kiki-Jiki Mirror Breaker8$7.40$8.55
Champions of Kamigawa Kokusho the Evening Star4$7.95$9.15
Champions of Kamigawa Konda Lord of Eiganjo8$1.45$1.70
Champions of Kamigawa Konda's Banner8$2.80$3.20
Champions of Kamigawa Marrow-Gnawer4$4.75$5.50
Champions of Kamigawa Minamo School at Water's Edge8$9.55$10.95
Champions of Kamigawa Myojin of Life's Web8$1.85$2.15
Champions of Kamigawa Myojin of Night's Reach8$1.60$1.80
Champions of Kamigawa Nature's Will4$3.30$3.80
Champions of Kamigawa Nezumi Shortfang8$2.40$2.75
Champions of Kamigawa Night of Souls' Betrayal4$4.25$4.85
Champions of Kamigawa Okina Temple to the Grandfathers4$1.60$1.80
Champions of Kamigawa Sensei's Divining Top4$9.00$10.35
Champions of Kamigawa Seshiro the Anointed8$1.85$2.15
Champions of Kamigawa Shinka the Bloodsoaked Keep8$1.20$1.35
Champions of Kamigawa Shizo Death's Storehouse4$4.50$5.15
Champions of Kamigawa Tatsumasa the Dragon's Fang4$1.45$1.70
Champions of Kamigawa Through the Breach8$29.15$33.50
Champions of Kamigawa Time Stop8$1.45$1.70
Coldsnap Allosaurus Rider4$1.60$1.80
Coldsnap Arcum Dagsson8$7.40$8.55
Coldsnap Braid of Fire8$4.75$5.50
Coldsnap Commandeer4$3.45$3.95
Coldsnap Counterbalance8$7.95$9.15
Coldsnap Darien King of Kjeldor4$3.15$3.65
Coldsnap Dark Depths8$20.65$23.75
Coldsnap Field Marshal4$2.65$3.05
Coldsnap Herald of Leshrac8$1.45$1.70
Coldsnap Lightning Storm8$1.20$1.35
Coldsnap Mishra's Bauble8$23.85$27.40
Coldsnap Panglacial Wurm8$1.30$1.50
Coldsnap Scrying Sheets8$7.40$8.55
Coldsnap Snow-Covered Mountain8$1.45$1.70
Coldsnap Thrumming Stone8$3.70$4.25
Coldsnap Zur the Enchanter8$3.70$4.25
Conflux Ancient Ziggurat4$1.85$2.15
Conflux Child of Alara4$1.85$2.15
Conflux Conflux8$1.60$1.80
Conflux Ethersworn Adjudicator4$2.10$2.45
Conflux Knight of the Reliquary8$4.50$5.15
Conflux Maelstrom Archangel8$5.30$6.10
Conflux Nicol Bolas Planeswalker8$5.30$6.10
Conflux Noble Hierarch8$30.75$35.35
Conflux Path to Exile8$5.30$6.10
Conflux Progenitus8$5.80$6.70
Dark Ascension Elbrus the Binding Blade / Withengar Unbound4$2.10$2.45
Dark Ascension Geralf's Messenger8$2.10$2.45
Dark Ascension Havengul Lich4$2.25$2.60
Dark Ascension Huntmaster of the Fells / Ravager of the Fells8$5.05$5.80
Dark Ascension Mikaeus the Unhallowed4$10.05$11.55
Dark Ascension Sorin Lord of Innistrad8$3.05$3.50
Dark Ascension Vault of the Archangel4$1.20$1.35
Darksteel Æther Vial4$20.15$23.15
Darksteel Arcbound Ravager8$19.60$22.55
Darksteel Blinkmoth Nexus8$2.90$3.35
Darksteel Darksteel Colossus4$3.15$3.65
Darksteel Darksteel Forge8$4.25$4.85
Darksteel Darksteel Reactor8$2.40$2.75
Darksteel Genesis Chamber8$1.30$1.50
Darksteel Leonin Shikari8$3.05$3.50
Darksteel Mycosynth Lattice8$14.85$17.05
Darksteel Myr Matrix4$1.20$1.35
Darksteel Panoptic Mirror4$1.60$1.80
Darksteel Reshape8$2.65$3.05
Darksteel Savage Beating8$2.90$3.35
Darksteel Serum Powder4$1.60$1.80
Darksteel Shield of Kaldra8$2.10$2.45
Darksteel Sundering Titan4$2.65$3.05
Darksteel Sword of Fire and Ice8$20.15$23.15
Darksteel Sword of Light and Shadow4$12.70$14.60
Darksteel Trinisphere8$5.05$5.80
Darksteel Well of Lost Dreams8$1.30$1.50
Dissension Blood Crypt8$6.90$7.90
Dissension Breeding Pool8$9.80$11.25
Dissension Cytoplast Manipulator4$2.80$3.20
Dissension Dovescape4$1.60$1.80
Dissension Grand Arbiter Augustin IV8$3.45$3.95
Dissension Hallowed Fountain4$7.40$8.55
Dissension Hide/Seek4$1.45$1.70
Dissension Infernal Tutor8$10.60$12.20
Dissension Pillar of the Paruns4$2.40$2.75
Dissension Pride of the Clouds8$4.25$4.85
Dissension Proclamation of Rebirth8$1.45$1.70
Dissension Rain of Gore8$1.85$2.15
Dissension Rakdos the Defiler8$1.85$2.15
Dissension Spell Snare4$3.70$4.25
Dissension Tidespout Tyrant8$3.45$3.95
Dissension Utopia Sprawl8$1.70$2.00
Dissension Voidslime4$4.35$5.05
Dragon's Maze Master of Cruelties4$2.50$2.90
Dragon's Maze Ral Zarek8$3.95$4.55
Dragons of Tarkir Atarka's Command8$3.85$4.40
Dragons of Tarkir Collected Company4$6.35$7.30
Dragons of Tarkir Dragonlord Dromoka4$2.80$3.20
Dragons of Tarkir Dragonlord Kolaghan4$1.30$1.50
Dragons of Tarkir Kolaghan's Command4$5.80$6.70
Dragons of Tarkir Narset Transcendent8$6.35$7.30
Dragons of Tarkir Sidisi Undead Vizier4$1.20$1.35
Eighth Edition Birds of Paradise8$4.25$4.85
Eighth Edition Blood Moon8$19.05$21.95
Eighth Edition Bribery8$10.05$11.55
Eighth Edition City of Brass8$1.85$2.15
Eighth Edition Coat of Arms8$4.25$4.85
Eighth Edition Defense Grid8$2.80$3.20
Eighth Edition Elvish Champion8$2.10$2.45
Eighth Edition Elvish Piper8$3.70$4.25
Eighth Edition Ensnaring Bridge8$19.05$21.95
Eighth Edition Grave Pact8$5.30$6.10
Eighth Edition Howling Mine8$1.60$1.80
Eighth Edition Lord of the Undead8$4.25$4.85
Eighth Edition Merchant Scroll4$2.65$3.05
Eighth Edition Obliterate8$1.60$1.80
Eighth Edition Phyrexian Arena4$3.05$3.50
Eighth Edition Planar Portal4$2.40$2.75
Eighth Edition Seismic Assault8$3.70$4.25
Eighth Edition Urza's Mine8$1.70$2.00
Eighth Edition Urza's Power Plant8$1.70$2.00
Eighth Edition Urza's Tower8$1.70$2.00
Eighth Edition Worship8$5.30$6.10
Eighth Edition Wrath of God4$2.65$3.05
Eldritch Moon Collective Brutality4$4.75$5.50
Eldritch Moon Gisela the Broken Blade4$4.25$4.85
Eldritch Moon Thalia Heretic Cathar4$1.60$1.80
Eldritch Moon Tree of Perdition4$1.70$2.00
Eventide Balefire Liege4$3.45$3.95
Eventide Bloom Tender4$15.90$18.30
Eventide Cascade Bluffs4$11.10$12.80
Eventide Deathbringer Liege4$6.25$7.15
Eventide Divinity of Pride8$1.20$1.35
Eventide Dominus of Fealty4$1.60$1.80
Eventide Endless Horizons4$2.80$3.20
Eventide Fable of Wolf and Owl8$2.25$2.60
Eventide Fetid Heath4$12.60$14.50
Eventide Flooded Grove8$10.05$11.55
Eventide Glen Elendra Archmage8$7.95$9.15
Eventide Hallowed Burial4$1.45$1.70
Eventide Helix Pinnacle8$4.25$4.85
Eventide Necroskitter8$1.30$1.50
Eventide Overbeing of Myth4$1.70$2.00
Eventide Regal Force4$2.65$3.05
Eventide Rise of the Hobgoblins4$1.70$2.00
Eventide Sapling of Colfenor8$3.15$3.65
Eventide Stigma Lasher8$2.50$2.90
Eventide Stillmoon Cavalier4$2.00$2.30
Eventide Talara's Battalion4$1.85$2.15
Eventide Twilight Mire4$18.00$20.70
Eventide Wake Thrasher8$1.60$1.80
Fate Reforged Monastery Mentor4$5.30$6.10
Fate Reforged Soulfire Grand Master4$2.65$3.05
Fate Reforged Ugin the Spirit Dragon4$19.05$21.95
Fifth Dawn Auriok Champion4$12.20$14.00
Fifth Dawn Beacon of Creation8$1.30$1.50
Fifth Dawn Beacon of Immortality8$3.70$4.25
Fifth Dawn Beacon of Tomorrows8$4.25$4.85
Fifth Dawn Beacon of Unrest8$2.10$2.45
Fifth Dawn Blasting Station4$1.60$1.80
Fifth Dawn Bringer of the Blue Dawn4$1.20$1.35
Fifth Dawn Crucible of Worlds8$28.60$32.90
Fifth Dawn Doubling Cube4$5.05$5.80
Fifth Dawn Engineered Explosives8$25.45$29.25
Fifth Dawn Eternal Witness8$2.65$3.05
Fifth Dawn Fist of Suns8$1.85$2.15
Fifth Dawn Helm of Kaldra8$2.40$2.75
Fifth Dawn Joiner Adept8$1.20$1.35
Fifth Dawn Mephidross Vampire8$2.50$2.90
Fifth Dawn Mycosynth Golem8$6.90$7.90
Fifth Dawn Paradise Mantle8$1.60$1.80
Fifth Dawn Plunge into Darkness8$1.30$1.50
Fifth Dawn Raksha Golden Cub8$1.45$1.70
Fifth Dawn Relentless Rats4$1.20$1.35
Fifth Dawn Rite of Passage8$2.10$2.45
Fifth Dawn Serum Visions4$1.30$1.50
Fifth Dawn Staff of Domination8$9.55$10.95
Fifth Dawn Steelshaper's Gift8$2.10$2.45
Fifth Dawn Vedalken Orrery8$2.90$3.35
Fifth Dawn Vedalken Shackles8$6.10$7.00
Future Sight Akroma's Memorial8$7.40$8.55
Future Sight Bridge from Below4$6.35$7.30
Future Sight Cloud Key8$3.70$4.25
Future Sight Coalition Relic8$6.90$7.90
Future Sight Daybreak Coronet8$3.45$3.95
Future Sight Dryad Arbor8$4.75$5.50
Future Sight Glittering Wish8$3.15$3.65
Future Sight Heartwood Storyteller8$2.90$3.35
Future Sight Intervention Pact8$2.00$2.30
Future Sight Jhoira of the Ghitu4$1.30$1.50
Future Sight Korlash Heir to Blackblade4$2.50$2.90
Future Sight Magus of the Moat8$3.15$3.65
Future Sight Magus of the Moon4$12.70$14.60
Future Sight Pact of Negation8$13.75$15.85
Future Sight Pact of the Titan4$2.90$3.35
Future Sight Scourge of Kher Ridges8$1.60$1.80
Future Sight Slaughter Pact4$3.95$4.55
Future Sight Sliver Legion4$19.05$21.95
Future Sight Street Wraith8$3.15$3.65
Future Sight Summoner's Pact8$7.40$8.55
Future Sight Tarmogoyf4$71.55$82.30
Future Sight Venser Shaper Savant8$7.95$9.15
Gatecrash Gideon Champion of Justice8$2.25$2.60
Gatecrash Godless Shrine4$5.05$5.80
Gatecrash Stomping Ground4$6.35$7.30
Gatecrash Watery Grave8$5.30$6.10
Guildpact Debtors' Knell8$4.35$5.05
Guildpact Ghostway4$2.80$3.20
Guildpact Godless Shrine8$6.90$7.90
Guildpact Leyline of Lifeforce4$1.30$1.50
Guildpact Leyline of the Void8$7.95$9.15
Guildpact Niv-Mizzet the Firemind4$1.45$1.70
Guildpact Orzhov Pontiff8$4.25$4.85
Guildpact Steam Vents8$8.45$9.75
Guildpact Stitch in Time4$1.85$2.15
Guildpact Stomping Ground8$8.45$9.75
Guildpact Teysa Orzhov Scion4$1.70$2.00
Innistrad Angelic Overseer8$1.20$1.35
Innistrad Army of the Damned4$1.45$1.70
Innistrad Balefire Dragon8$4.25$4.85
Innistrad Bloodline Keeper / Lord of Lineage8$2.90$3.35
Innistrad Garruk Relentless / Garruk the Veil-Cursed8$2.90$3.35
Innistrad Grimgrin Corpse-Born8$2.00$2.30
Innistrad Hinterland Harbor4$2.50$2.90
Innistrad Isolated Chapel8$1.70$2.00
Innistrad Liliana of the Veil4$42.40$48.75
Innistrad Mayor of Avabruck / Howlpack Alpha4$1.30$1.50
Innistrad Mikaeus the Lunarch4$1.85$2.15
Innistrad Olivia Voldaren8$3.15$3.65
Innistrad Snapcaster Mage8$21.20$24.35
Innistrad Stony Silence4$2.65$3.05
Innistrad Sulfur Falls4$3.70$4.25
Innistrad Tree of Redemption8$1.30$1.50
Journey into Nyx Ajani Mentor of Heroes4$7.40$8.55
Journey into Nyx Athreos God of Passage4$5.80$6.70
Journey into Nyx Dictate of Erebos4$1.70$2.00
Journey into Nyx Eidolon of the Great Revel4$5.80$6.70
Journey into Nyx Kruphix God of Horizons4$3.15$3.65
Journey into Nyx Mana Confluence8$3.05$3.50
Journey into Nyx Temple of Epiphany4$1.45$1.70
Kaladesh Botanical Sanctum4$2.10$2.45
Kaladesh Chandra Torch of Defiance4$10.60$12.20
Kaladesh Combustible Gearhulk4$1.20$1.35
Kaladesh Concealed Courtyard8$2.25$2.60
Kaladesh Inspiring Vantage4$2.65$3.05
Kaladesh Saheeli Rai4$4.75$5.50
Kaladesh Torrential Gearhulk8$7.95$9.15
Khans of Tarkir Anafenza the Foremost8$2.10$2.45
Khans of Tarkir Bloodstained Mire8$8.45$9.75
Khans of Tarkir Clever Impersonator8$2.10$2.45
Khans of Tarkir Flooded Strand4$7.95$9.15
Khans of Tarkir Sorin Solemn Visitor8$2.40$2.75
Khans of Tarkir Wooded Foothills4$8.45$9.75
Lorwyn Ajani Goldmane8$4.75$5.50
Lorwyn Auntie's Hovel4$1.45$1.70
Lorwyn Austere Command4$5.30$6.10
Lorwyn Chandra Nalaar8$2.10$2.45
Lorwyn Cryptic Command4$12.20$14.00
Lorwyn Dauntless Dourbark4$2.10$2.45
Lorwyn Deathrender8$1.45$1.70
Lorwyn Dolmen Gate8$2.40$2.75
Lorwyn Doran the Siege Tower8$4.75$5.50
Lorwyn Dread4$1.70$2.00
Lorwyn Elvish Promenade4$1.60$1.80
Lorwyn Forced Fruition8$3.30$3.80
Lorwyn Gaddock Teeg4$9.55$10.95
Lorwyn Garruk Wildspeaker4$5.05$5.80
Lorwyn Immaculate Magistrate4$1.45$1.70
Lorwyn Jace Beleren8$4.50$5.15
Lorwyn Liliana Vess8$3.70$4.25
Lorwyn Militia's Pride8$1.30$1.50
Lorwyn Nath of the Gilt-Leaf4$1.45$1.70
Lorwyn Oona's Prowler8$1.60$1.80
Lorwyn Primal Command4$1.60$1.80
Lorwyn Rings of Brighthearth4$13.75$15.85
Lorwyn Scion of Oona4$1.60$1.80
Lorwyn Secluded Glen4$2.50$2.90
Lorwyn Shelldock Isle4$2.90$3.35
Lorwyn Sower of Temptation8$6.10$7.00
Lorwyn Thorn of Amethyst8$8.20$9.45
Lorwyn Thoughtseize4$14.85$17.05
Lorwyn Thousand-Year Elixir8$2.65$3.05
Lorwyn Timber Protector4$4.35$5.05
Lorwyn Vigor8$9.00$10.35
Magic 2010 Ajani Goldmane8$4.75$5.50
Magic 2010 Ball Lightning4$1.20$1.35
Magic 2010 Baneslayer Angel4$4.25$4.85
Magic 2010 Chandra Nalaar4$2.00$2.30
Magic 2010 Coat of Arms4$4.25$4.85
Magic 2010 Darksteel Colossus4$3.60$4.10
Magic 2010 Dragonskull Summit8$1.45$1.70
Magic 2010 Drowned Catacomb8$1.60$1.80
Magic 2010 Elvish Archdruid4$1.30$1.50
Magic 2010 Elvish Piper8$3.70$4.25
Magic 2010 Garruk Wildspeaker8$4.50$5.15
Magic 2010 Glacial Fortress8$1.20$1.35
Magic 2010 Lightning Bolt4$1.30$1.50
Magic 2010 Liliana Vess4$3.85$4.40
Magic 2010 Master of the Wild Hunt4$6.35$7.30
Magic 2010 Pithing Needle8$1.60$1.80
Magic 2010 Sanguine Bond4$1.45$1.70
Magic 2010 Sphinx Ambassador4$2.00$2.30
Magic 2010 Sunpetal Grove4$1.20$1.35
Magic 2010 Twincast4$1.45$1.70
Magic 2010 Underworld Dreams4$1.45$1.70
Magic 2010 Vampire Nocturnus8$2.50$2.90
Magic 2011 Ajani Goldmane8$4.35$5.05
Magic 2011 Baneslayer Angel4$4.25$4.85
Magic 2011 Birds of Paradise4$3.15$3.65
Magic 2011 Captivating Vampire8$3.70$4.25
Magic 2011 Chandra Nalaar4$2.10$2.45
Magic 2011 Demon of Death's Gate8$2.50$2.90
Magic 2011 Dragonskull Summit8$1.20$1.35
Magic 2011 Fauna Shaman8$5.30$6.10
Magic 2011 Garruk Wildspeaker8$4.75$5.50
Magic 2011 Goblin Chieftain4$2.80$3.20
Magic 2011 Grave Titan8$3.60$4.10
Magic 2011 Knight Exemplar4$1.45$1.70
Magic 2011 Leyline of Anticipation8$4.75$5.50
Magic 2011 Leyline of Sanctity8$11.65$13.40
Magic 2011 Leyline of the Void8$7.95$9.15
Magic 2011 Lightning Bolt8$1.30$1.50
Magic 2011 Liliana Vess4$3.85$4.40
Magic 2011 Obstinate Baloth8$2.65$3.05
Magic 2011 Platinum Angel4$3.15$3.65
Magic 2011 Primeval Titan4$4.75$5.50
Magic 2011 Steel Overseer4$5.80$6.70
Magic 2011 Sun Titan8$1.30$1.50
Magic 2011 Sunpetal Grove8$1.20$1.35
Magic 2012 Adaptive Automaton8$2.40$2.75
Magic 2012 Angelic Destiny4$3.85$4.40
Magic 2012 Cemetery Reaper4$1.60$1.80
Magic 2012 Chandra the Firebrand8$1.85$2.15
Magic 2012 Day of Judgment4$1.30$1.50
Magic 2012 Dragonskull Summit4$1.20$1.35
Magic 2012 Drowned Catacomb8$1.60$1.80
Magic 2012 Dungrove Elder4$2.40$2.75
Magic 2012 Furyborn Hellkite8$1.20$1.35
Magic 2012 Garruk Primal Hunter8$3.15$3.65
Magic 2012 Gideon Jura4$3.15$3.65
Magic 2012 Goblin Chieftain4$2.65$3.05
Magic 2012 Grave Titan8$3.45$3.95
Magic 2012 Grim Lavamancer4$2.90$3.35
Magic 2012 Jace Memory Adept4$2.90$3.35
Magic 2012 Phantasmal Image4$3.15$3.65
Magic 2012 Primeval Titan8$4.75$5.50
Magic 2012 Primordial Hydra4$3.45$3.95
Magic 2012 Quicksilver Amulet8$4.35$5.05
Magic 2012 Rune-Scarred Demon8$3.15$3.65
Magic 2012 Solemn Simulacrum8$2.10$2.45
Magic 2012 Sorin Markov8$8.45$9.75
Magic 2012 Sun Titan4$1.30$1.50
Magic 2012 Sunpetal Grove4$1.20$1.35
Magic 2012 Vengeful Pharaoh4$1.85$2.15
Magic 2012 Visions of Beyond4$3.95$4.55
Magic 2013 Ajani Caller of the Pride4$2.80$3.20
Magic 2013 Akroma's Memorial4$7.40$8.55
Magic 2013 Boundless Realms8$1.60$1.80
Magic 2013 Garruk Primal Hunter8$3.15$3.65
Magic 2013 Gilded Lotus8$5.05$5.80
Magic 2013 Glacial Fortress4$1.20$1.35
Magic 2013 Jace Memory Adept4$2.90$3.35
Magic 2013 Krenko Mob Boss8$2.10$2.45
Magic 2013 Liliana of the Dark Realms8$3.70$4.25
Magic 2013 Nicol Bolas Planeswalker4$4.75$5.50
Magic 2013 Omniscience8$9.00$10.35
Magic 2013 Primordial Hydra4$3.45$3.95
Magic 2013 Reliquary Tower4$1.45$1.70
Magic 2013 Rhox Faithmender8$2.25$2.60
Magic 2013 Stuffy Doll4$1.20$1.35
Magic 2013 Sublime Archangel4$3.95$4.55
Magic 2013 Thragtusk4$1.60$1.80
Magic 2013 Thundermaw Hellkite8$3.45$3.95
Magic 2013 Vampire Nocturnus4$2.50$2.90
Magic 2014 Ajani Caller of the Pride8$2.65$3.05
Magic 2014 Chandra Pyromaster8$1.30$1.50
Magic 2014 Darksteel Forge4$4.10$4.70
Magic 2014 Garruk Caller of Beasts8$3.15$3.65
Magic 2014 Jace Memory Adept4$2.90$3.35
Magic 2014 Kalonian Hydra8$3.70$4.25
Magic 2014 Liliana of the Dark Realms8$3.85$4.40
Magic 2014 Mutavault4$5.55$6.40
Magic 2014 Primeval Bounty4$2.25$2.60
Magic 2014 Scavenging Ooze4$1.85$2.15
Magic 2014 Scourge of Valkas8$1.85$2.15
Magic 2015 Core Set Ajani Steadfast8$6.35$7.30
Magic 2015 Core Set Chandra Pyromaster4$1.30$1.50
Magic 2015 Core Set Chasm Skulker4$1.30$1.50
Magic 2015 Core Set Chord of Calling4$3.95$4.55
Magic 2015 Core Set Garruk Apex Predator4$6.35$7.30
Magic 2015 Core Set Goblin Rabblemaster4$2.10$2.45
Magic 2015 Core Set Jace the Living Guildpact4$1.30$1.50
Magic 2015 Core Set Liliana Vess8$3.70$4.25
Magic 2015 Core Set Nissa Worldwaker8$4.75$5.50
Magic 2015 Core Set Obelisk of Urd8$1.45$1.70
Magic 2015 Core Set Sliver Hivelord4$4.50$5.15
Magic 2015 Core Set Urborg Tomb of Yawgmoth8$4.75$5.50
Magic 2015 Core Set Waste Not4$1.70$2.00
Magic Origins Alhammarret's Archive8$2.10$2.45
Magic Origins Archangel of Tithes4$1.60$1.80
Magic Origins Chandra Fire of Kaladesh / Roaring Flame8$1.85$2.15
Magic Origins Hangarback Walker8$3.15$3.65
Magic Origins Liliana Heretical Healer / Defiant Necromancer8$4.50$5.15
Magic Origins Nissa Vastwood Seer / Sage Animist4$4.25$4.85
Magic Origins Pyromancer's Goggles4$1.20$1.35
Magic Origins Starfield of Nyx4$1.20$1.35
Mirrodin Ancient Den4$1.60$1.80
Mirrodin Chalice of the Void8$29.15$33.50
Mirrodin Duplicant8$2.50$2.90
Mirrodin Extraplanar Lens8$6.90$7.90
Mirrodin Fabricate4$1.60$1.80
Mirrodin Fatespinner8$1.60$1.80
Mirrodin Fiery Gambit4$1.30$1.50
Mirrodin Gilded Lotus8$5.30$6.10
Mirrodin Glimmervoid4$12.70$14.60
Mirrodin Lightning Greaves8$2.25$2.60
Mirrodin Mesmeric Orb8$5.30$6.10
Mirrodin Mind's Eye8$4.75$5.50
Mirrodin Mindslaver4$2.25$2.60
Mirrodin Oblivion Stone8$10.60$12.20
Mirrodin Platinum Angel8$4.25$4.85
Mirrodin Sculpting Steel8$3.70$4.25
Mirrodin Solemn Simulacrum8$2.50$2.90
Mirrodin Sword of Kaldra4$2.90$3.35
Mirrodin Besieged Blightsteel Colossus8$14.30$16.45
Mirrodin Besieged Consecrated Sphinx8$10.05$11.55
Mirrodin Besieged Darksteel Plate8$4.25$4.85
Mirrodin Besieged Glissa the Traitor8$1.20$1.35
Mirrodin Besieged Inkmoth Nexus4$12.20$14.00
Mirrodin Besieged Massacre Wurm8$4.25$4.85
Mirrodin Besieged Sword of Feast and Famine4$10.60$12.20
Mirrodin Besieged Tezzeret Agent of Bolas4$10.60$12.20
Mirrodin Besieged Thrun the Last Troll8$5.30$6.10
Morningtide Bitterblossom4$13.75$15.85
Morningtide Door of Destinies4$2.90$3.35
Morningtide Gilt-Leaf Archdruid4$2.00$2.30
Morningtide Idyllic Tutor8$10.05$11.55
Morningtide Indomitable Ancients4$1.60$1.80
Morningtide Leaf-Crowned Elder4$2.25$2.60
Morningtide Lightning Crafter8$1.30$1.50
Morningtide Murmuring Bosk4$1.45$1.70
Morningtide Mutavault4$6.90$7.90
Morningtide Primal Beyond4$1.45$1.70
Morningtide Reveillark8$2.65$3.05
Morningtide Rhys the Exiled4$1.30$1.50
Morningtide Scapeshift4$22.25$25.60
Morningtide Shared Animosity4$4.75$5.50
Morningtide Stonehewer Giant8$2.90$3.35
Morningtide Vendilion Clique4$15.35$17.65
New Phyrexia Batterskull4$8.45$9.75
New Phyrexia Birthing Pod4$2.80$3.20
New Phyrexia Caged Sun8$2.80$3.20
New Phyrexia Dismember8$1.20$1.35
New Phyrexia Elesh Norn Grand Cenobite4$11.10$12.80
New Phyrexia Jin-Gitaxias Core Augur4$6.90$7.90
New Phyrexia Karn Liberated8$37.10$42.65
New Phyrexia Melira Sylvok Outcast8$2.90$3.35
New Phyrexia Norn's Annex8$2.00$2.30
New Phyrexia Phyrexian Metamorph8$3.95$4.55
New Phyrexia Phyrexian Obliterator4$15.90$18.30
New Phyrexia Phyrexian Unlife4$1.30$1.50
New Phyrexia Sheoldred Whispering One4$9.55$10.95
New Phyrexia Spellskite4$10.60$12.20
New Phyrexia Surgical Extraction8$7.40$8.55
New Phyrexia Sword of War and Peace4$7.40$8.55
New Phyrexia Unwinding Clock4$3.15$3.65
New Phyrexia Urabrask the Hidden4$4.75$5.50
New Phyrexia Vorinclex Voice of Hunger4$12.20$14.00
Ninth Edition Adarkar Wastes8$4.25$4.85
Ninth Edition Battlefield Forge8$1.60$1.80
Ninth Edition Blackmail4$1.60$1.80
Ninth Edition Blinding Angel8$1.20$1.35
Ninth Edition Blood Moon8$19.05$21.95
Ninth Edition Brushland8$5.80$6.70
Ninth Edition Coat of Arms8$3.95$4.55
Ninth Edition Defense Grid8$3.15$3.65
Ninth Edition Elvish Champion8$2.10$2.45
Ninth Edition Elvish Piper8$3.70$4.25
Ninth Edition Grave Pact8$5.30$6.10
Ninth Edition Greater Good8$6.35$7.30
Ninth Edition Hell's Caretaker8$3.15$3.65
Ninth Edition Howling Mine8$1.60$1.80
Ninth Edition Jester's Cap8$1.30$1.50
Ninth Edition Karplusan Forest8$3.45$3.95
Ninth Edition Lord of the Undead8$4.75$5.50
Ninth Edition Mindslicer4$2.25$2.60
Ninth Edition Phyrexian Arena8$3.15$3.65
Ninth Edition Plague Wind8$1.30$1.50
Ninth Edition Seedborn Muse8$11.10$12.80
Ninth Edition Shivan Reef8$2.40$2.75
Ninth Edition Slate of Ancestry8$1.20$1.35
Ninth Edition Sulfurous Springs8$2.10$2.45
Ninth Edition Teferi's Puzzle Box8$2.40$2.75
Ninth Edition Underground River4$2.50$2.90
Ninth Edition Urza's Mine8$1.60$1.80
Ninth Edition Urza's Power Plant8$1.60$1.80
Ninth Edition Urza's Tower8$1.60$1.80
Ninth Edition Weathered Wayfarer8$5.30$6.10
Ninth Edition Will-o'-the-Wisp8$1.20$1.35
Ninth Edition Worship8$5.30$6.10
Oath of the Gatewatch Eldrazi Displacer4$2.10$2.45
Oath of the Gatewatch Kalitas Traitor of Ghet4$9.00$10.35
Oath of the Gatewatch Kozilek the Great Distortion8$2.10$2.45
Oath of the Gatewatch Reality Smasher4$1.85$2.15
Oath of the Gatewatch Thought-Knot Seer4$3.45$3.95
Oath of the Gatewatch Wandering Fumarole4$2.65$3.05
Oath of the Gatewatch World Breaker8$1.70$2.00
Planar Chaos Boom/Bust8$4.75$5.50
Planar Chaos Damnation8$21.20$24.35
Planar Chaos Extirpate4$2.10$2.45
Planar Chaos Necrotic Sliver4$2.00$2.30
Planar Chaos Rebuff the Wicked4$1.20$1.35
Planar Chaos Simian Spirit Guide8$3.45$3.95
Planar Chaos Temporal Extortion4$2.10$2.45
Planar Chaos Urborg Tomb of Yawgmoth8$6.35$7.30
Ravnica: City of Guilds Birds of Paradise4$3.45$3.95
Ravnica: City of Guilds Chord of Calling8$5.80$6.70
Ravnica: City of Guilds Circu Dimir Lobotomist8$1.45$1.70
Ravnica: City of Guilds Cloudstone Curio4$5.30$6.10
Ravnica: City of Guilds Concerted Effort4$1.45$1.70
Ravnica: City of Guilds Copy Enchantment8$2.80$3.20
Ravnica: City of Guilds Dark Confidant8$26.50$30.45
Ravnica: City of Guilds Doubling Season4$31.80$36.55
Ravnica: City of Guilds Followed Footsteps8$1.30$1.50
Ravnica: City of Guilds Glimpse the Unthinkable4$14.85$17.05
Ravnica: City of Guilds Golgari Grave-Troll4$5.30$6.10
Ravnica: City of Guilds Golgari Thug8$3.05$3.50
Ravnica: City of Guilds Life from the Loam8$11.65$13.40
Ravnica: City of Guilds Lightning Helix4$2.90$3.35
Ravnica: City of Guilds Overgrown Tomb8$6.90$7.90
Ravnica: City of Guilds Pariah's Shield4$1.85$2.15
Ravnica: City of Guilds Privileged Position8$8.20$9.45
Ravnica: City of Guilds Remand8$2.40$2.75
Ravnica: City of Guilds Sacred Foundry8$8.45$9.75
Ravnica: City of Guilds Savra Queen of the Golgari4$1.20$1.35
Ravnica: City of Guilds Shadow of Doubt8$2.10$2.45
Ravnica: City of Guilds Sisters of Stone Death8$1.60$1.80
Ravnica: City of Guilds Temple Garden4$6.90$7.90
Ravnica: City of Guilds Tolsimir Wolfblood8$1.20$1.35
Ravnica: City of Guilds Watery Grave8$7.40$8.55
Return to Ravnica Blood Crypt8$3.70$4.25
Return to Ravnica Chromatic Lantern8$4.25$4.85
Return to Ravnica Cyclonic Rift4$3.15$3.65
Return to Ravnica Hallowed Fountain8$3.70$4.25
Return to Ravnica Jace Architect of Thought8$1.45$1.70
Return to Ravnica Overgrown Tomb4$4.25$4.85
Return to Ravnica Rest in Peace8$3.30$3.80
Return to Ravnica Steam Vents4$5.30$6.10
Return to Ravnica Vraska the Unseen8$2.10$2.45
Rise of the Eldrazi All Is Dust8$7.95$9.15
Rise of the Eldrazi Bear Umbra8$2.65$3.05
Rise of the Eldrazi Cast Through Time8$1.20$1.35
Rise of the Eldrazi Eldrazi Conscription4$5.80$6.70
Rise of the Eldrazi Eldrazi Temple8$4.25$4.85
Rise of the Eldrazi Emrakul the Aeons Torn8$21.20$24.35
Rise of the Eldrazi Gideon Jura4$3.15$3.65
Rise of the Eldrazi Guul Draz Assassin8$2.10$2.45
Rise of the Eldrazi Kargan Dragonlord8$3.15$3.65
Rise of the Eldrazi Khalni Hydra8$5.80$6.70
Rise of the Eldrazi Kozilek Butcher of Truth8$11.10$12.80
Rise of the Eldrazi Lighthouse Chronologist8$5.30$6.10
Rise of the Eldrazi Linvala Keeper of Silence4$17.50$20.10
Rise of the Eldrazi Nirkana Revenant8$9.55$10.95
Rise of the Eldrazi Sarkhan the Mad4$3.70$4.25
Rise of the Eldrazi Student of Warfare8$2.10$2.45
Rise of the Eldrazi Ulamog the Infinite Gyre4$9.00$10.35
Rise of the Eldrazi Vengevine4$6.90$7.90
Saviors of Kamigawa Choice of Damnations8$2.00$2.30
Saviors of Kamigawa Enduring Ideal4$2.10$2.45
Saviors of Kamigawa Erayo Soratami Ascendant8$3.60$4.10
Saviors of Kamigawa Eternal Dominion4$1.45$1.70
Saviors of Kamigawa Kami of the Crescent Moon4$1.30$1.50
Saviors of Kamigawa Kataki War's Wage8$1.30$1.50
Saviors of Kamigawa Maga Traitor to Mortals8$2.00$2.30
Saviors of Kamigawa Michiko Konda Truth Seeker8$3.45$3.95
Saviors of Kamigawa Mikokoro Center of the Sea8$6.60$7.60
Saviors of Kamigawa Miren the Moaning Well8$5.80$6.70
Saviors of Kamigawa Oboro Palace in the Clouds8$9.55$10.95
Saviors of Kamigawa Pithing Needle8$1.60$1.80
Saviors of Kamigawa Promise of Bunrei4$2.10$2.45
Saviors of Kamigawa Rune-Tail Kitsune Ascendant8$2.65$3.05
Saviors of Kamigawa Sakashima the Impostor8$5.80$6.70
Scars of Mirrodin Asceticism8$4.75$5.50
Scars of Mirrodin Contagion Engine8$5.30$6.10
Scars of Mirrodin Darkslick Shores8$5.05$5.80
Scars of Mirrodin Elspeth Tirel4$5.30$6.10
Scars of Mirrodin Etched Champion4$1.70$2.00
Scars of Mirrodin Ezuri Renegade Leader8$2.25$2.60
Scars of Mirrodin Geth Lord of the Vault8$3.70$4.25
Scars of Mirrodin Grand Architect4$1.30$1.50
Scars of Mirrodin Koth of the Hammer8$6.35$7.30
Scars of Mirrodin Leonin Arbiter4$1.60$1.80
Scars of Mirrodin Liege of the Tangle8$1.85$2.15
Scars of Mirrodin Lux Cannon8$2.40$2.75
Scars of Mirrodin Mimic Vat8$1.45$1.70
Scars of Mirrodin Mox Opal8$29.15$33.50
Scars of Mirrodin Nim Deathmantle4$3.30$3.80
Scars of Mirrodin Painful Quandary4$1.60$1.80
Scars of Mirrodin Razorverge Thicket4$4.25$4.85
Scars of Mirrodin Seachrome Coast8$3.30$3.80
Scars of Mirrodin Skithiryx the Blight Dragon8$8.45$9.75
Scars of Mirrodin Venser the Sojourner8$6.90$7.90
Scars of Mirrodin Venser's Journal8$2.65$3.05
Scars of Mirrodin Wurmcoil Engine8$7.95$9.15
Shadowmoor Ashenmoor Liege4$2.40$2.75
Shadowmoor Boartusk Liege4$2.40$2.75
Shadowmoor Boon Reflection4$3.15$3.65
Shadowmoor Cauldron of Souls4$2.10$2.45
Shadowmoor Demigod of Revenge4$1.70$2.00
Shadowmoor Enchanted Evening8$2.40$2.75
Shadowmoor Everlasting Torment8$1.60$1.80
Shadowmoor Fire-Lit Thicket8$8.45$9.75
Shadowmoor Fulminator Mage8$18.55$21.35
Shadowmoor Ghastlord of Fugue8$2.65$3.05
Shadowmoor Godhead of Awe8$1.85$2.15
Shadowmoor Graven Cairns4$4.35$5.05
Shadowmoor Kitchen Finks4$6.35$7.30
Shadowmoor Mana Reflection8$11.10$12.80
Shadowmoor Memory Plunder8$2.10$2.45
Shadowmoor Mystic Gate8$10.85$12.50
Shadowmoor Oracle of Nectars8$1.30$1.50
Shadowmoor Oversoul of Dusk8$1.30$1.50
Shadowmoor Reflecting Pool8$4.90$5.65
Shadowmoor Runed Halo8$7.40$8.55
Shadowmoor Sunken Ruins4$8.75$10.05
Shadowmoor Swans of Bryn Argoll8$1.60$1.80
Shadowmoor Sygg River Cutthroat4$2.50$2.90
Shadowmoor Vexing Shusher8$3.45$3.95
Shadowmoor Wheel of Sun and Moon4$5.05$5.80
Shadowmoor Wilt-Leaf Liege4$2.10$2.45
Shadowmoor Wooded Bastion4$6.10$7.00
Shadowmoor Woodfall Primus8$3.70$4.25
Shadows over Innistrad Always Watching8$1.85$2.15
Shadows over Innistrad Arlinn Kord / Arlinn Embraced by the Moon8$3.15$3.65
Shadows over Innistrad Game Trail4$2.10$2.45
Shadows over Innistrad Jace Unraveler of Secrets4$3.45$3.95
Shadows over Innistrad Nahiri the Harbinger4$7.95$9.15
Shadows over Innistrad Relentless Dead8$5.30$6.10
Shadows over Innistrad Sorin Grim Nemesis8$2.65$3.05
Shards of Alara Ad Nauseam8$6.35$7.30
Shards of Alara Ajani Vengeant8$5.80$6.70
Shards of Alara Elspeth Knight-Errant8$7.40$8.55
Shards of Alara Empyrial Archangel4$1.60$1.80
Shards of Alara Ethersworn Canonist4$3.15$3.65
Shards of Alara Hellkite Overlord4$3.15$3.65
Shards of Alara Lich's Mirror4$2.65$3.05
Shards of Alara Prince of Thralls4$1.70$2.00
Shards of Alara Quietus Spike8$1.85$2.15
Shards of Alara Scourglass4$2.25$2.60
Shards of Alara Sphinx Sovereign8$1.45$1.70
Shards of Alara Tezzeret the Seeker4$6.90$7.90
Tenth Edition Abundance8$1.85$2.15
Tenth Edition Adarkar Wastes8$4.75$5.50
Tenth Edition Angelic Chorus8$2.90$3.35
Tenth Edition Arcanis the Omnipotent4$1.30$1.50
Tenth Edition Battlefield Forge8$1.20$1.35
Tenth Edition Beacon of Immortality8$4.25$4.85
Tenth Edition Beacon of Unrest8$2.10$2.45
Tenth Edition Birds of Paradise8$3.70$4.25
Tenth Edition Brushland4$7.95$9.15
Tenth Edition Caves of Koilos8$1.45$1.70
Tenth Edition Citanul Flute8$1.30$1.50
Tenth Edition Coat of Arms8$4.25$4.85
Tenth Edition Crucible of Worlds4$28.60$32.90
Tenth Edition Doomed Necromancer8$2.10$2.45
Tenth Edition Doubling Cube4$5.30$6.10
Tenth Edition Elvish Champion4$2.90$3.35
Tenth Edition Elvish Piper8$3.70$4.25
Tenth Edition Evacuation4$1.30$1.50
Tenth Edition Field Marshal8$3.15$3.65
Tenth Edition Goblin King8$2.40$2.75
Tenth Edition Grave Pact8$6.35$7.30
Tenth Edition Graveborn Muse8$1.30$1.50
Tenth Edition Howling Mine4$2.10$2.45
Tenth Edition Hurkyl's Recall4$2.65$3.05
Tenth Edition Joiner Adept8$1.60$1.80
Tenth Edition Karplusan Forest4$4.25$4.85
Tenth Edition Llanowar Wastes4$1.45$1.70
Tenth Edition Lord of the Undead8$5.30$6.10
Tenth Edition Pariah8$1.30$1.50
Tenth Edition Plague Wind8$1.30$1.50
Tenth Edition Platinum Angel4$3.15$3.65
Tenth Edition Sculpting Steel8$3.70$4.25
Tenth Edition Seedborn Muse4$11.10$12.80
Tenth Edition Seismic Assault8$3.70$4.25
Tenth Edition Shatterstorm4$1.85$2.15
Tenth Edition Shivan Reef4$2.00$2.30
Tenth Edition Siege-Gang Commander4$1.20$1.35
Tenth Edition Squee Goblin Nabob4$1.85$2.15
Tenth Edition Sulfurous Springs8$3.15$3.65
Tenth Edition Time Stretch8$6.60$7.60
Tenth Edition Treetop Village4$1.30$1.50
Tenth Edition Twincast4$1.45$1.70
Tenth Edition Underground River8$2.90$3.35
Tenth Edition Underworld Dreams4$1.60$1.80
Tenth Edition Windborn Muse8$1.85$2.15
Tenth Edition Wrath of God4$3.70$4.25
Theros Ashiok Nightmare Weaver8$3.15$3.65
Theros Elspeth Sun's Champion8$4.25$4.85
Theros Nykthos Shrine to Nyx8$2.90$3.35
Theros Purphoros God of the Forge4$4.75$5.50
Theros Stormbreath Dragon4$1.20$1.35
Time Spiral Academy Ruins8$11.65$13.40
Time Spiral Ancestral Vision8$23.85$27.40
Time Spiral Angel's Grace4$3.70$4.25
Time Spiral Draining Whelk8$1.60$1.80
Time Spiral Gauntlet of Power8$7.95$9.15
Time Spiral Gemstone Caverns4$3.70$4.25
Time Spiral Greater Gargadon4$3.15$3.65
Time Spiral Hypergenesis8$1.30$1.50
Time Spiral Living End8$6.90$7.90
Time Spiral Lotus Bloom8$6.35$7.30
Time Spiral Mangara of Corondor8$2.00$2.30
Time Spiral Nether Traitor8$2.40$2.75
Time Spiral Pulmonic Sliver8$1.85$2.15
Time Spiral Reiterate8$3.45$3.95
Time Spiral Saffi Eriksdotter8$5.45$6.25
Time Spiral Scion of the Ur-Dragon4$3.15$3.65
Time Spiral Sedge Sliver4$4.65$5.35
Time Spiral Stuffy Doll4$1.45$1.70
Time Spiral Sudden Shock4$1.20$1.35
Time Spiral Swarmyard8$4.75$5.50
Time Spiral Teferi Mage of Zhalfir8$6.90$7.90
Time Spiral Trickbind8$2.40$2.75
Time Spiral Vesuva8$7.40$8.55
Time Spiral Vesuvan Shapeshifter4$1.30$1.50
Time Spiral Wheel of Fate8$1.45$1.70
Time Spiral "Timeshifted" Akroma Angel of Wrath8$2.40$2.75
Time Spiral "Timeshifted" Avatar of Woe4$1.45$1.70
Time Spiral "Timeshifted" Darkness8$3.70$4.25
Time Spiral "Timeshifted" Gemstone Mine8$4.75$5.50
Time Spiral "Timeshifted" Lord of Atlantis8$4.75$5.50
Time Spiral "Timeshifted" Pendelhaven4$6.60$7.60
Time Spiral "Timeshifted" The Rack8$2.00$2.30
Time Spiral "Timeshifted" Undead Warchief8$2.50$2.90
Worldwake Abyssal Persecutor8$1.20$1.35
Worldwake Admonition Angel8$2.65$3.05
Worldwake Anowon the Ruin Sage4$1.60$1.80
Worldwake Avenger of Zendikar8$2.40$2.75
Worldwake Basilisk Collar8$5.80$6.70
Worldwake Celestial Colonnade4$12.70$14.60
Worldwake Creeping Tar Pit4$9.00$10.35
Worldwake Eye of Ugin8$5.30$6.10
Worldwake Jace the Mind Sculptor4$34.45$39.60
Worldwake Joraga Warcaller8$1.60$1.80
Worldwake Jwari Shapeshifter4$1.30$1.50
Worldwake Kalastria Highborn4$2.25$2.60
Worldwake Novablast Wurm8$1.20$1.35
Worldwake Omnath Locus of Mana8$5.80$6.70
Worldwake Raging Ravine4$7.40$8.55
Worldwake Stoneforge Mystic8$7.95$9.15
Worldwake Wrexial the Risen Deep4$1.85$2.15
Zendikar Arid Mesa8$21.20$24.35
Zendikar Bloodchief Ascension8$2.90$3.35
Zendikar Celestial Mantle4$2.00$2.30
Zendikar Chandra Ablaze8$3.70$4.25
Zendikar Eldrazi Monument8$2.40$2.75
Zendikar Emeria the Sky Ruin8$2.10$2.45
Zendikar Goblin Guide4$12.70$14.60
Zendikar Iona Shield of Emeria4$3.70$4.25
Zendikar Kalitas Bloodchief of Ghet8$3.70$4.25
Zendikar Lotus Cobra8$5.80$6.70
Zendikar Luminarch Ascension4$3.15$3.65
Zendikar Marsh Flats4$18.00$20.70
Zendikar Mindbreak Trap4$2.80$3.20
Zendikar Nissa Revane8$5.80$6.70
Zendikar Ob Nixilis the Fallen8$3.70$4.25
Zendikar Oracle of Mul Daya8$9.55$10.95
Zendikar Pyromancer Ascension4$2.10$2.45
Zendikar Scalding Tarn8$31.80$36.55
Zendikar Sorin Markov8$8.45$9.75
Zendikar Valakut the Molten Pinnacle8$4.10$4.70
Zendikar Warren Instigator8$4.75$5.50

We also buy many older cards and PSA/BSG graded cards! Please send us an email or stop in one of our stores. If you don't see your card listed here please contact us, we may still buy it!
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